St. Patrick’s Day 8K

Yesterday was the St. Patrick’s Day 8K here in DC.  Andy and I ran it with our friend John.

That’s John above.  His girlfriend came to cheer us on and take photos.

It was fun, but to be 100% honest, it wasn’t the most fun race I’ve ever done.  The route was around the Capitol Building, Union Station, and Pennsylvania Avenue, but it was an out-and-back route that had a lot of weird hairpin turns.  I was familiar with the roads but not the exact course, and I found it kind of stressful to not know when and where the next turn would be.  The worst was in (what I thought was) the final stretch on Pennsylvania; about 1/4 mile from the finish line we had a sudden left turn.  WTH?  That made me mad for sure.


Yet somehow, it was my fastest race!  I wanted to finish under 50 minutes, and I came in at 48:07. So even though it was a tough race, finishing with a good (for me) time was awesome.  I really was pushing myself the whole time and calculating where I needed to be to hit my goal.

But, I was tired.  Thanks to: the busiest (and probably most exciting) work travel I’ve had in a very long time.  All last week I was in Sacramento, which is a surprisingly cool city.  Three-hour time difference wasn’t easy, plus I got home at 2am on Saturday morning (from the airport), and then on Sunday we had the daylight savings change to further confuse me.

I took off the whole last week from running due to my ITBS, and every day I did yoga, stretching and strength exercises in my hotel room.  I was really worried about the ITBS flaring up on my run, and around 2.7 miles in, it did start to hurt, but not too bad.  I managed.  I was bummed that it was hurting again, but it could have been worse.


Afterwards, we all went out to brunch at Estadio.  Probably the best part of racing with friends: brunch and conversation afterwards!

So I have completely modified my 10-miler and half-marathon training plan due to the ITBS.  Since it didn’t start to hurt until mile 2 or 3, I was thinking that this week I could do a 2-3 mile run on Tuesday and Thursday, and then on Saturday to try to do 4-6 mile run, even though my schedule calls for 9.  But today, it hurt more, so I think my run tomorrow morning is out.  What a bummer.  I’ve stretched, strengthened, and foam rolled.  I am determined not to get further injured and I know I need to rest it.  But what is this going to mean for my 10-miler in three weeks?  Do I dare do the 10-miler if I have to continue to rest for the next (gasp) three weeks?  Trying to stay calm, trying to stay calm….

So I am a weird mix of proud of my race yesterday yet worried about what’s next.  Have you started the spring racing season yet?  What’s the best course you’ve ever done?  One of my favorite races to date was probably the Richmond Half-Marathon.  No complaints about that course!


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