Starting Fresh

I used to blog at, but I shut that blog down about a month ago, as I’ve been trying to figure out what I want to do with blogging. I started that blog just after my husband and I moved to DC in July 2009, two months after we were married. Just as the title says, we were newly wed and newly living in DC. It took me several months of job searching to find a job, so I started the blog to keep me busy every day, to document all the new-ness in my life.

But, things have changed. I found a job, for one thing, which limited the amount of time I could spend blogging. My blog didn’t have much focus, as I tried on lots of different hats: some food blogger posts, some posts dabbling in fashion, some current events and social issues, some DC local culture and travel, some book reviews, etc. In the last year though, I became much more focused on running and fitness, and began to follow lots of other running blogs. Suddenly, the “newlywed” part didn’t make much sense, neither did the “newly living in DC” part. Blogging about running became the most interesting thing to me, followed by blogging about explorations in DC and on travels.

So, I decided to start fresh with a new blog name, new site (been wanting to switch to WordPress for awhile!), and a more defined focus. Rather than blogging about my life in general, I want to write mainly about running, hopefully with occasional forays into DC life and traveling and other things. It feels good to have a clearer focus, and I hope you enjoy my new blog!


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