White House Visit

Earlier this week, Andy and I got to visit the White House to see the holiday decorations. The tour took us to the same rooms that are on the standard public tour, but it was really nice to see all the decor and it made me feel sort of Christmas-y, and also reminded me of some of the coolness that goes with living in DC. Also, we were allowed to bring cameras (usually you’re not) and it wasn’t very crowded so we took a ton of pics. Some favorites:

It was also really fun to meet up with Andy in the middle of the work day to do this (I got two tickets for this through work, and gave my second ticket to Andy). A nice random break on a Monday.

So far this week I have done pretty well with sticking to my workout plan. I actually only ran one day in the morning, due to rain and some early morning to-dos, but I have been good about strength training: generally I find it boring but I’ve done it three times and it’s becoming more habit-like. I even did it one morning before work, and today I had to remind myself to take a rest. I also bike commuted three days, despite temps in the 30s. Best of all, I did a run commute last night home from work, something I almost never do. Run commutes are logistically complicated, and I am very much an early morning workout person. But it worked out that if I wanted to get in another run this week, last night it was. I ran to the Mall from my office (which isn’t far), did one lap around the Mall, and ran home, for a total of a little over 4 miles. My only goal was to do about 4 miles, and I did a fartlek run, also something I almost never do. It was really fun to just run fast when I felt like it and not worry too much about specific paces or distances. And I had no ankle, hip, or knee pains so maybe my stretching and strengthening routines are helping.

This reminded me of how it can be really fun and refreshing to change my routine and do something different. Running last night felt like flying.

Tomorrow I have an easy six miles on the agenda. I love easy long Saturday morning runs.

Have a great weekend!


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