Lulu Run Club and Sunrise Yoga


Two new workout trends in my life right now….

First, last night I tried out a running club. Up until recently I never ran with other people; I was too concerned that I would be too slow, and that I wouldn’t be able to maintain a conversation while running. Plus, one of my favorite things about running is the chance to be alone and think and be myself with no pressure. And those things are all still true.

But, I also know that running with other people can make me faster, and more importantly, it’s just fun–fun to hang out with friends and make new ones, fun to change up my typical running routine. I ran with a group just two times earlier this spring, but it didn’t really gel; the group was fast, and huge, and I felt like a fish out of water. But in the past two months or so I’ve gotten in the habit of running about once a week with my (faster) friend John, which I really enjoy.

This week I decided to try out the lululemon georgetown running group, which meets on Tuesday night. I went to a free yoga class at lulu over the weekend, which was awesome, and heard more about the running group then, and also heard that the run on Tuesday would be followed up by a 20-minute yoga session. It sounded like fun, so yesterday I hightailed it out of work at 5:30 so I could join in.

And it was fun. It was HOT; I almost never run in the evenings, because I love the cool, quiet, peaceful mornings and I love starting my day with a run so that my evenings can include working late, happy hour, cooking dinner, or just laying on the couch if I choose. The stifling, humid DC heat hit me like a ton of bricks and made for a tough run, and I was one of the last to finish. But I completed the four miles, an out and back along the C&O Canal, one of my favorite routes, and I never would have done that alone on a hot night so I figured 4 miles slow is better than no miles at all. The group was small and friendly, and the sweaty short yoga session afterwards was perfect. I’m glad I pushed myself out of my comfort zone and tried something new, and I intend to keep it up.


My Garmin didn’t register a satellite for the first mile or so…

The second thing that has become my new obsession is sunrise yoga.


I have been bouncing around DC yoga studios for the past few years, and right now I am working through a 10-class groupon at Stroga.


My favorite class there is the sunrise yoga; it’s a 6am 50-minute class every weekday, but my I’ve been going every Wednesday morning. Since the sun rises so early now, I’ve been taking Capital Bikeshare for the ~1.5-mile trip to Adams Morgan, and I love it; the sky is light, but the streets are empty and it’s so easy to bike up there. I love practicing yoga in a huge, semi-empty, gorgeous historic space with sunlight streaming in the windows. It’s definitely the best way to start my day (other than running), and a habit I don’t want to give up anytime soon.



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