The First 20-Miler of the Season

Today was my first 20 mile run of this marathon training cycle, the first in nearly a year.

After last week’s tough 18 miles, and some soreness in both hips this week, I was pretty nervous. But luckily, it was just about perfect. The weather today was amazing, cool and no humidity.

I did an out-and-back along the C&O Canal, which was absolutely gorgeous and peaceful. I’ve learned that I actually kind of like out-and-backs since breaking the run into two 10 mile pieces helps mentally. Also, I like city runs for shorter weekday routes, but for long runs, having a long path with no stoplights seems to help me zone out and get in a rhythm. There were always other runners, walkers and cyclists around so I felt safe, but it wasn’t crowded. So peaceful and beautiful, with views of the Potomac. I am 100 percent a city girl, but being out in nature makes me so happy.

I kept a steady pace of 10:19, with a fast final mile of 9:25. I was tired by then but so incredibly happy. I didn’t take a single walk break, just stopped to stretch a minute and take a photo at the turn around point.

On top of a 10 mile easy run around the monuments yesterday at 9:40 pace, I feel on top of the world. Marathon training makes me so happy.

Forty-five miles done for the week!

Also, join me on Daily Mile! I’m here:





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