We left Provence for our final destination of this trip, Paris, but on the way stopped in the Burgundy region and stayed one night in the small city of Beaune, the capital of the wine region.

Since we knew we really only had the afternoon and evening in Beaune, we picked two main activities. First, we visited one of the major tourist attractions, the Hôtel-Dieu, a former charity hospital. This was a really interesting tour; I definitely recommend the audio tour (free).


The second thing we did that afternoon was go for a wine tasting. There are a handful of places in Beaune to visit wine cellars and sample many varieties; we chose Patriarche Père et Fils. This was incredible; we toured the wine vaults, a labyrinth of underground tunnels and storage cellars that seemed never-ending. After walking through many, many tunnels past bottles dating as far back as the early 20th century, we ended up at the wine-tasting area, where we were given small sampling cups and offered no less than 15 different wines to try. This was so much fun and we staying until the place closed at 5pm.



After that, we wandered around the town, dropping in and out of wine bars and exploring the city center streets. We had a rather disappointing dinner, and capped off the night with a beer at an Irish bar.beaune4Beaune was fun, very different from Provence and a good segue to Paris. I learned a lot about wine in a short time, and we liked seeing a different region of the country.



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