Jingle All the Way 8K

Today I ran the Jingle All the Way 8K here in DC, and it much exceeded my expectations. Another lesson that you’ll never regret a workout.

DSCF3215After spending the past four days in Iowa for work (side note: freezing there! I did one short run outside and the rest on the hotel treadmill), arriving home on Saturday evening, and facing winter storm warnings for Sunday morning, I had little interest in running this race.

I paid for it and at one point in the past I was legitimately excited to do it. And I knew I would have to run on Sunday anyway to keep up with the #RWRunStreak, but I was really considering skipping this race anyway. I had done the course in previous years and knew it was a little boring (while it does go around the U.S. Capitol and the Mall, those are sites I see every day…), and was all set to talk myself out of it. But I arrived home last night to find my bib waiting for me (Andy had picked it up), plus Andy promised to accompany me…so, okay. I was in.

I woke up this morning with a surprising amount of energy and excitement. We took Car2Go to the race (too wimpy to bike) and it began snowing on the way. But it was easy enough to park and pretty much walk right into the corrals and start the race with little waiting around. Win.

DSCF3213I didn’t take any photos on the course. I knew I wanted a PR (sub-44:00; my last 8K, a St. Patrick’s Day race on the same course in 2012, was 44:14) but also knew that I didn’t want to slip on the slick roads and didn’t want to go out too fast and hate it by the end. I definitely struggle with understanding my thresholds for pain in races, and how long to hold onto pain. But everything went fine. I like to think I raced this smart; I had nice negative splits, gradually sped up, and honestly enjoyed it the whole time. Lots of people were dressed up, which made it entertaining, and the course was crowded but not full of walkers and strollers like the Turkey Trot 5K was. The snow made it festive and everyone seemed to be in good spirits.


Andy took photos on the finishers coming down Pennsylvania Ave

Around miles 3 and 4 I knew I could get a PR if I pushed it, so I gradually sped up and crossed the finish line with an official time of 43:23. My watch said it was exactly 5 miles.Jingle 2013 splits


Me and Santa at the finish

I also got a 5K PR (26:23) and one mile PR of 8:09! Great way to end the year. I was so happy at the finish, and so glad I didn’t bail.

We had lunch at Le Diplomate to celebrate, and I couldn’t have been happier. It was so cozy to sit in this French bistro with coffee and croissants, watching the snow drift down.IMG_4332

I spent the afternoon relaxing and baking cookies. I had some pumpkin puree to use up, so made these pumpkin oatmeal cookies.Very tasty.


Yes, nearly every single ingredient was from Trader Joe’s. And that is an extra can of pumpkin I only used for the photo shoot.




I’m eleven days into the #RWRunStreak and eight days into the #FMSphotoaday for December.


Tiny: Alexandria from the sky on my flight out of DC on Wednesday


Shadows: Chicago from the sky on my way home yesterday

I want to keep running every day and doing yoga and other workouts as much as possible the rest of the month. As for racing, I’m done for the year.

One last thing: Swim Bike Run Photography posted photos from the Backyard Burn 10-mile trail race I did last month, and I got a decent photo from the halfway point, on the fire road. Lots more great photos of the race here.

Nov 2013 trail race 2Are you doing a holiday race this year? Or a run streak?


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