December and New York

I thought I would do a wrap-up of things that have been going on the past few weeks, including a weekend in New York City and holiday-related things in DC, now that I am officially on holiday break from work.

First, New York City.


I love, love, love New York. I forgot how much I love it and how long it’s been since I’d been back. I went up for work and then Andy joined me for the weekend. From the second I boarded the Amtrak train and rode up the east coast, I was thrilled. I am so sick of air travel and was so happy to be on the train, passing all these landmarks of my life…Baltimore (marathon)…Philly (grad school, home of my mom and her side of the family)….New Jersey (where I grew up) and finally, the city.

When I was growing up there was one city and that was where I always wanted to be. I grew up with the skyline always in the corner of my eye, going into the city on the train countless times for museums, Broadway shows, concerts. In college and post-college I did several internships in the city and always figured I would end up there at some point. I still hope that day comes. 


Even the touristy spots like Rockefeller Center and the Christmas tree didn’t bother me. I was just so excited to be there.



As part of my work trip I got to visit the new World Trade Center site and memorial. It was freezing! But I’m glad I saw it. It’s still weird to not see the towers.



I also got to tour the Google Glass Basecamp in Chelsea and test out Google Glass. It was cool to test it out, but I don’t think I’m convinced yet.


One reason I was so excited to be in NYC was the food. OMG the food. No one outside of the NYC metro area knows what a bagel is. I had one every day. 


On Saturday, it snowed, which made touring around cold and wet but did make for some pretty views. We went to the Bryant Park holiday market, which was awesome, and watched the skaters as the snow was just beginning to fall.



We visited friends and Brooklyn and tramped through the snow.


And had dinner at Momofuku Noodle Bar. We started with a dish of brussels sprouts with pomegranate and peanut and other things and it was incredible. Followed by ramen and capped off with Cap’n Crunch Cake Truffles. Amazing from start to finish…although we agreed that Toki Underground in DC actually has better ramen.


Sunday was clear and snow-covered. We walked around Central Park and watched the kids play.


Enjoyed another quintessential NYC carb.


And visited the Metropolitan. My favorite museum in the city. I have seen the Baroque Christmas tree so many times and never get tired of it. 


There’s always so much to see at the Met; it’s overwhelming. 



I have kept up pretty well with the December photo a day challenge on Instagram. It’s not always easy but for the most part it has been a fun challenge to remind myself to keep my eye out for interesting things. I also like that it is a way to track where I am and what I’m doing every day, although some days I’ve had to post a day or two behind. I’m this far in so I’m going to stick with it.

I’ve also been keeping up with the Runners World Holiday Run Streak. Again, not always easy, especially since I had some foot pain for awhile (which has gotten better but not completely disappeared…) and with the traveling. So I had to do a lot more short treadmill runs than I would have liked, but this week all of my runs were 2-5 miles long, plus an 8-miler today, so I am feeling better now. I’ve really gotten used to it and it just seems totally normal to put on running clothes every single day. The only problem is that yoga and other things have gone by the wayside, but I’ll pick those up again in January. I’m really glad I’m doing this.

In other fun news, a fantastic new brew pub opened up right in our neighborhood.


And this past week I’ve taken some time to enjoy holiday things and sights.


We leave tomorrow morning for a visit to family in North Carolina, then a trip of our own to California for the New Year. Can’t wait! So excited to relax and enjoy life for the rest of 2013. 



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