Running and Yoga

I feel overdue to write a bit about what I’ve been doing workout-wise lately.

IMG_4228I finished up 2013 with the #RWRunStreak. I am so glad that I did this because it forced me to workout every single day, even while traveling quite a bit. I ran every day from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day, for a total of 35 days straight, and of those 35 days, I was away from home for 19!

IMG_4206There were definitely days that I only ran 1 or 2 miles so as to allow for some “rest”, but I did a minimum of 1 mile every day, for a total of 110 miles over the streak. My longest run was 10 miles but the vast majority were 2 to 4 mile runs, and on many of the shorter run days I added in weights or stuff like squats and lunges and burpees.

IMG_4486I missed running longer mileage so in some ways I am glad the streak is over, but I really liked that it gave me a reason to work out every day, especially over the indulgent holidays. I ran two races, ran in New York City and Iowa and California and North Carolina, ran on hotel treadmills, ran below NYC skyscrapers, past Midwest industrial buildings, along vineyards, and through suburbia.

NYC201303Now that it is January I am back to running 4 to 5 times a week, but building up to higher mileage. I signed up for the DC Rock N Roll Half-Marathon in March, after much internal debate. It’s expensive, I’ve done the race several times before, Competitor Group is not without controversy. But I signed up because it’s an easy race to get to and easy for Andy to spectate, and it will keep me running through the dark cold winter months. I’m enjoying training for it and I would like to beat my 1:56 PR, but I’m also not putting a ton of pressure on myself over this. If I can get a little faster and get a PR, great, but if not, that’s okay. At a minimum, I just want to maintain running shape through the winter.

Part of the reason that I have a relaxed attitude to this race is that I’ve been spending a lot more time in yoga classes. I’m doing the #21daysofyoga challenge, and so I’ve been going to yoga classes about three times per week and I’ve been trying to fit in home sessions with a yoga app when I can. To be honest the home sessions haven’t happened as much so if I don’t hit 21 days for the month, that’s okay. I am more focused now on keeping up with three studio classes per week, which is the most I’ve ever done.

yogaI have especially been liking going to a 5pm yoga class on Sunday evenings, followed by cooking dinner and watching Downton Abbey; it is a nice way to relax before the work week begins. I also like going to Friday evening classes for a similar reason; it provides a nice transition from the work week to the weekend. I am trying to treat my weekends as more relaxing times this year, and trying to focus more on being present, and yoga has helped a lot with both of those goals.


Even if I can’t keep up this yoga schedule forever, I hope to continue with more frequent, regular classes after January is over. I like that it has made me stronger, more flexible, and calmer overall.

The March half-marathon is the only thing I have coming up in the spring. I might do another trail race or two, but nothing set. I do want to do another marathon, and most likely I will do the Marine Corps Marathon again since I know the course now, and it is convenient. But if I don’t make it in the lottery, I am eyeing some smaller fall races on the East Coast and in New England as back-ups. I’m also thinking about doing the Walt Disney World marathon next January, but the timing is tricky.

MCM  357

Finally, in 2013 I set out to run 1,000 miles total and ended up with 1,186! Yay for not getting injured. My 2014 goal is to hit 1,200, which of course means no injuries…

What are your 2014 goals, running or otherwise? How often do you go to yoga?


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