Winter into Spring

It’s been awhile! To get back on the blogging track, I thought I would do an overall catch-up post of the past two months.

Flowers for St. Patrick's Day

Flowers for St. Patrick’s Day

Last time I checked in, I wrote about doing the #21daysofyoga challenge for the month of January. I am really happy to say I completed the challenge. I went to 11 studio classes at Yoga District, a mixture of morning and evening classes, and did 10 at-home yoga sessions of at least 30 minutes, using the Pocket Yoga and Yoga Studio apps. I am really glad I did this; I found that I became stronger, more flexible and more patient; it was a great way to get warm on freezing January days; and I learned a lot from going to a variety of different classes and instructors.


my cat loves yoga

I didn’t keep up the frequency of yoga into February and March, but I have tried to keep going to a studio class at least once or twice a week, although I pretty much stopped the at-home sessions in favor of running more and trying to do more strength training, mostly using the Nike Training Club app.

But for the most part, February was really about running, as I tried to get ready for the Rock n Roll USA Half-Marathon on March 15. February was also about freezing cold and ice and snow (and this theme continued in March). I did get used to running in the cold and pretty much made peace with having to layer up so much. I had an awesome 12 mile run in the snow and freezing rain one weekend, and another week I did 14 miles in 20 degree temperatures and somehow loved it.

IMG_4935And yet, I wasn’t really counting on a PR at the RnR half-marathon. I got my PR of 1:56 back in September, on a flat course while in the thick of marathon training. For RnR, I didn’t know if my training had been serious enough to beat that; plus, the course is hillier and much more crowded. I came in at 1:58 which I was perfectly happy with.

IMG_4928It was a fun race and I felt good, but I think this RnR is my last big race for awhile. It is so huge and rather expensive. This year I want to scale back on races, and only do ones that are smaller, with friends, and hold out for big ones like marathons. I entered the lottery for the Marine Corps Marathon but didn’t get in. I want to do a fall marathon, but haven’t decided which one yet. Maybe Philly?

Other things that I’ve been up to: work trips to Orlando, Miami and Santa Barbara (loved getting to enjoy some warm weather and run in shorts in each of these places!).


running in Orlando


running in Miami


driving up the Pacific Coast Highway (I pulled over)


running along the beach in Santa Barbara

On these trips I got to tour a new tunnel being built under the Biscayne Bay, take a boat tour of the Miami port, tour a landfill and meet a falconer. Never thought I would do any of these things and it was all pretty awesome.IMG_4786 IMG_4822  IMG_4989

And we’ve enjoyed some random warmish spring days with brunch and beers outdoors. I hope spring comes soon and stays for good!

IMG_4888 IMG_4900 IMG_4897 IMG_4907


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