Last week I was in Alaska for work. Although most days were spent indoors at meetings, I did get to squeeze in a half-day of touring on the first day, and then a quick hike on my last afternoon before flying out.

IMG_5331The city of Anchorage did not impress me much at all, but the surrounding scenery is breathtaking. On my first morning I went for an early morning run along the coastal path. The sun was up by 5am every day and didn’t set until 11pm or later. Thanks to jet lag, I was up by 4 or 5am each morning, plenty of time to work out before starting the work day. IMG_5336 IMG_5337On our first morning a few of us drove out to Whittier and to Mount Alyeska. We saw a moose on the drive and a number of bald eagles. The scenery is just what you would expect from Alaska: snowcapped mountains, tall pine trees, bubbling streams. I also saw my first glacier. It was really gorgeous.

IMG_5342 IMG_5343 IMG_5360 IMG_5378 IMG_5380

The rest of the week was spent working in downtown Anchorage. On Friday afternoon I was able to fit in a short hike (about 1 mile) up to Thunderbird Falls. IMG_5396IMG_5394

IMG_5397  IMG_5395

It felt great to get some fresh air and nature before a long night of travel.

Alaska was beautiful, and I am glad I had the chance to go. I know that I barely got to see anything that the state has to offer, but I really didn’t want to extend the trip any longer. It felt so good to get home on Saturday. I don’t think I would ever plan to go back to Alaska for any reason; I love the outdoors, but the long trip up there wasn’t worth it to me. But at least I have one more state checked off the list!



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