London Running so Far


I started off my first morning in London with a run, and I’ve run nearly every morning since.LRUN1

I live close to the River Thames, and there is a lovely footpath along the river that has been perfect for runs.  I feel so lucky to get to see these views every morning.



I’ve also been using running as a way to explore my part of the city and do some sightseeing.  One of my favorite things about London so far is all the amazing open space and parks and greenery.  On my first week here, I ran across the river to Putney and up to Putney Heath and Wimbledon Heath, and was shocked at how quickly I was in a very woodsy area, complete with trails and dense foliage.LRUN2

On other days, I’ve done more urban runs, exploring the city streets.  One day I went through Brompton Cemetery, which I love. LRUN_32

I also had a fantastic run through Wandsworth Park one morning.  I love that the sun comes up so early here and that the weather is warm, but not too hot, and not humid.  IMG_6009And a few days ago I did my longest run yet, 14 miles, and went up to Hyde Park for a few loops and back.  This was fantastic; I couldn’t believe that I really live here, that this is where I can run now.IMG_6026 IMG_6027And on Saturday, I ran a 10K race in Battersea Park, which I plan to recap tomorrow.

I’ve been running so much not just because I want to, but because I signed up for the Dublin Marathon at the end of October.  Super excited!  I love marathon training and can’t wait to get back to Ireland.  The last few weeks I was in the U.S. I had to take a bit of a running break because of knee/IT band issues.  Sadly, my knee started to hurt again this week….I really hope that I can get in under control so I can keep running and marathon training.  Luckily, our shipment of furniture, etc from the U.S. arrived this week, so not only do I now have my own couch and pots and pans and some extra clothes, but I have both my foam roller and yoga mat.  I was more excited to unwrap the foam roller than anything; I really hope I can get my IT band back to normal with it.

And on yoga, I’ve found a good yoga studio nearby that I’ve really enjoyed so far.  The classes there are really similar to ones I used to take in DC, so that is comforting, and the studio in a former glass factory is gorgeous.

IMG_5987 IMG_5988Here’s hoping running continues to go well over the next ~3 months before the marathon!


5 thoughts on “London Running so Far

  1. Kathy, I just about fell off my seat when you put up a pic of TPYC! That’s my studio of choice too! We must live nearish to each other although you seem a lot closer to the river while I’m closer to those sense woodland trails. Let’s meet for yoga soon? I’m off there on Friday at 6.30! Xx

    • Leah, that is fantastic! Yes, yoga soon! I’m going away this weekend (Friday evening to Sunday evening) but could do another evening this week if you are around, or next week?

      • Hooray! I’m working out of London until Friday, but next week could work. I generally only make morning classes as I work in Surrey, but I will keep you posted! xx

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