London Explorations

I thought I would do a little bit of a catch-up/photo dump of the exploring I’ve been doing the past week or two in London.


Since I now work remotely, I don’t have an office to go to every day, which I actually miss a lot more than I thought I would.  I am still figuring out my daily routine and workspace, but generally I go somewhere, like a coffeeshop, to work in the morning and then return home in the afternoon to do phone calls/Skype into meetings from my flat.  Mostly I stick around my neighborhood in West London but I’ve tested out other areas as well.

One day last week I worked at a coffeeshop in Soho in the morning and then ate a quick lunch outside in Soho Square.  With the weather being so amazing right now, everyone was out and about and I remembered how much I love being in a huge city.IMG_5993

I’ve also enjoyed early morning walks to yoga classes on weekday mornings, watching the neighborhood wake up.


Last Saturday, after my 10K race, Andy and I enjoyed a fun day in East London that started with lunch at Typing Room.  It was fantastic, and definitely in my list of top five meals ever.



Excellent fresh bread with a marmite spread, brought to our table by the head chef


Raw scallop with summer flowers


Cod, perfectly cooked


Dessert of yogurt and summer berries

After lunch we walked around Broadway Market and Hackney.

IMG_6051 IMG_6054

And did a tour of London Fields Brewery.  The tour was great, really entertaining, and followed by lots of generous tastings.

IMG_6060 IMG_6061

Loving London right now.


It’s such a great time to be here, and the amount of things to see and do are completely overwhelming (in a good way!).


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