Review of Psycle

Since I’m on a running break right now and I’m new to London, this seems like the perfect time to try out some intro offers at various fitness studios around town.  My physio gave me the green light to go to a spin class, so I signed up for the two classes for £20 intro special at Psycle.  This spin studio opened recently in Fitzrovia and is meant to be London’s answer to Flywheel, SoulCycle, etc in the States.  I had only ever been to Off Road in DC (which I really liked), so I am no expert, but I heard from a few people that Psycle isn’t as good as SoulCycle.  For £20 per class I know this won’t be a regular thing, but I thought I would try it out this week while I’m on my running break.


First, the studio.  It is definitely posh.  When you book in online you reserve your cycle and your shoes (clip-in shoes only, which they supply) and once you learn your cycle settings, it will be pre-set for you.  The changing room has lockers that lock and is fitted out with plenty of amenities (more on that later).  I was given my shoes and directed to the studio downstairs (no photos because they discourage phones on the bike, but if you google you will find plenty).

There was an assistant going around adjusting cycles and he was very nice about helping me set mine up and showing me how to clip in my shoes.  Towels and small hand weights are provided, and I brought my own water.

The room started off very dark and at various times throughout the 45-minute class neon lights came on and off, like a nightclub.  The music was clubby too, all brand new stuff.  The instructor was high-energy and basically danced on the bike the whole time.  It is definitely a full-body workout.  We did lots of fast-pace spinning on the bike, lots of getting out of the bike and bouncing, lots of arm movements in the bike but only one small segment with the hand weights; I would have liked more time with the weights.  It was definitely a tough workout and I got what I wanted—45 minutes of cardio and sweating—but I would have liked more focus on the spinning and less on the dance choreography.  I’m not much of a dancer to begin with, so it’s really just me – the class was a good class, just not quite my style.  I was trying to keep up with the various arm movements and directions so much that at times I forgot I was spinning and I know I wasn’t really focused on that or pushing my legs as much as I could have because I was so distracted.  But I am sure that as you go more regularly, you get used to it and get better at the coordination.

After class there was a rush to the locker rooms.  Like I said, these are nice.  There are only 12 showers so a queue formed for showers (about 45 people were in the class, mostly women), but it moved fast.  They supply towels, Bumble and Bumble shampoo and conditioners, and ila body wash, face wash and body/hand lotion, which is all really nice.  There are also hair dryers, hair straighteners and other miscellaneous items to use after, which is also nice.  It was a bit crowded but workable.  All you really need to bring with you is your clothes, brush/comb and any specific hair products, lotions or makeup that you use, which makes it easy to get ready and go to work after.

I will definitely go back for my second class next week and try a different instructor.  I’m glad to have this to do during my running break, but I can’t imagine it becoming a regular thing.


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