London via Coffeeshops, Vol. 2: Fulham Edition

I’m back with another review of coffeeshops that I have been working in, this time focusing on my neighborhood, Fulham.IMG_6235

I will say that you can really notice the difference in the clientele in London neighborhoods when you are there in the middle of the day working in a coffeeshop.  While Fulham has lots of moms and toddlers and people meeting for casual little coffee dates (what do these people do for work?), Holborn and the City has people working on laptops or doing work-related coffee dates and Shoreditch is chockfull of people like me, working alone on laptops or in small groups.  I prefer to go to those neighborhoods, but some days it is easier to be closer to home if I have a lot of phone calls and meetings to call into, which is easiest to do from my flat.

So, Fulham.  My favorite place so far is Chairs and Coffee, probably because I have never seen the mother/tot combination there and is primarily people working independently.  The coffee is great (Americano for 2.20), I once got an excellent plate of avocado on toast, the wifi is free and reliable and the toilet is clean.  The only problem is the music is hit or miss and they tend to really get into something and play it over and over.  One time it was lots of Radiohead on repeat (win), another time lots of Aerosmith (er…).IMG_6247IMG_6168

Proceeding along the Fulham High Street, I am a fan of both Local Hero and the Hive.  Local Hero can get a bit overrun with the family crowd, but there are a good number of tables and also a back garden, although I am not sure if the wifi works back there.  The Hive has reliable wifi, a European crowd, good Americano and good breakfast and lunch options.  They also don’t seem to care if you linger awhile in the back room.

Crossing over to Parsons Green, I visited Hally’s on the New Kings Road.  The wifi is free and toilet is downstairs, and it is a bright, inviting space with comfortable tables and benches, and the staff was very nice.  However, I got the feeling that this is really more of a restaurant than a coffeeshop.  Most other people were there for brunch/lunch dates and I felt awkward sipping a coffee and working on my laptop; however, I only went once so maybe it was just me.  The food did look excellent so I would like to return for brunch one day.IMG_6167

Another favorite of mine is Tinto’s, on Fulham Palace Road across from Bishops Park.  Come to think of it, I haven’t been in awhile but when I first arrived in London this summer and the weather was quite warm, it was lovely to sit out on the patio there (where the wifi worked) and the staff was very friendly.  Lots of kids and dogs though, so that’s probably why I haven’t gone back lately.

Any suggestions for places I have missed?


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