Maui Trip…

I was fortunate to travel to Maui for work recently. For work, honest!


It was certainly a LONG trip both ways, with stops on both ends on the East Coast, to see family on the way there and work in DC on the way back to London, and an unplanned overnight layover in San Francisco due to a delayed flight and missed connection (which amounted to four hours at an airport hotel, it’s not like I could enjoy San Francisco at all – in fact, I dreamt I was in Chicago and woke up thinking I was, it was that anonymous).


Anyway, no one will believe me but I will say anyway that getting to travel to Maui for work was not all fun and games: first, I worked really hard leading up to the trip and once I got there it was 4 solid days of work; the long flights and jet lag (10 hour time difference from London) were real; and the hassles of travel were all there.  I just didn’t take photos of those parts!  So here are more gratuitous palm trees.


But with that out of the way, I will also say that I know I am really lucky and I’m not complaining, because it was all worth it.  Each morning and evening I saw the sunrise and sunset from my hotel room balcony:



My work event was at quite a swanky resort, so I enjoyed the views, some fantastic food (lots of fresh fruit and fish) and warm weather, and a luau performance at one of our evening receptions:



The first two days were way too busy for workouts.  On the third day I made it to the hotel gym before sunrise, and on the final two days I had time for sunrise runs along the beachfront path:





I was off the clock as of about 1pm on Saturday, and I left for the airport at about 12:30 on Sunday, so I had nearly 24 hours to spend as I wanted. Typically I would want to be active and go exploring, but I really didn’t have enough time or the inclination to rent a car. After long work days, all I had the inclination to do was sit on the beach at this ridiculous resort.

So that is exactly what I did on Saturday afternoon, followed by a drink by the pool with coworkers.



Maui13I fit in a few more hours on the beach on Sunday morning, and was off for the airport.


It is really amazing to me that I was basically halfway around the world, on a tiny island in the middle of Pacific Ocean, and now I am back in London.  This life is pretty amazing.


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