Starting the New Year in Mittenwald

I like to finish what I started, so even though we are well into March (what?), I am still going to post this final short recap from our travels in France, Austria and Germany over the winter holidays.  After this, I plan to take a hiatus from this blog indefinitely….

We spent the last day of 2014 and the first few of 2015 based in Mittenwald, a small town in the Alps on the German side of the border.  We got tons and tons of snow there, and for the first two days the sky was so dark with snow we could not even see the mountains towering over the town until the sun finally broke through a few days later.  We spent our time in and around Mittenwald doing some amazing winter hikes: a huge hightlight for me was our freezing but beautiful New Year’s Day hike in snow that came over our knees (yet the trails had been cleared).  Here are some photos to summarize this last part of our trip:

IMG_7273Germany Jan 2015 - 39 Germany Jan 2015 - 47 Germany Jan 2015 - 11 Germany Jan 2015 - 13 Germany Jan 2015 - 30 Germany Jan 2015 - 32 Germany Jan 2015 - 09


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